• XP11 - Carenado C208, de pire en pire

    SOLVED - RESOLU cfr supra

    Voici le texte envoyé ce matin au desk de Carenado :

    The C208 XP11 had some (small) issues (sounds, trim, mouse-zoom) when I bought it under XP11.30 (Steam) - but a globally good aircraft.
    Under XP11.31 and the more under 11.32, it's worse and worse :

         No engine sounds or prop sounds
         The prop circle through the VC is completely distorded
    Panel lights allways on    
         No more lateral pop-up menu
         Cargo textures with windows :

    XP11 - Carenado C208, de pire en pire

    I had a look on your assessment here above, quite blur !

    I reloaded the aircraft, reinstalled it and also the Visual C+ complement, nothing better (btw no SASL plugin).

    So I'm completely disapointed. And what wouldl happen with the next upgrade of XP ???

    I didn't have any trouble with any other aircraft even after the succesive upgrades of XP11.

    On the other hand I was really happy with the Carenado (and Alabeo) works under FSX/P3Dv3 but what now ?