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                                                                                                                                                                                                           updated : October 2016

    You will find here a kind of extension to my site " fassapi.net ",  with a reduced catalog of my best achievements – see menu "Réalisations" - and some comments focusing mainly on Prepar3D, echoing (or copies) of elements gleaned from the web. The columns are written in French.  Here below the most noticeable elements.

    I'm now on X-PLane 11 since december 2019

    PC configuration : see page "Et moi, ..."

    P3D settings for VFR flights and Tileproxy (and BlueSkyScenery) : see page "Prepar3D.cfg – v3"
    Main excerpts :
          Upper_Framerate_Limit= Unlimited        THIS is a MUST
    Affinity mask=15 Finally 15 and Tilpeproxy to be let automatically on cores 1,2 and 3.

    Interesting programs or add-ons : see page "Et moi, ..."


    Ameliorate P3D :

    Some wishes :

    1. At least a larger map with operating mouse zoom
    2. Instant replay
            Let " Enter " key launch the instant replay
            Make possible to change the default duration
    3. Should be appreciated : a larger choice of entries in the " Text Info " (Shift Z) through aircraft.cfg
           (Ex : Zulu hour, Gear, Cloud distance, Pitch Trim, Atm pressure, ...)

    Some (little) issues (or how to ... ; - ))

    1. All flights start " un-paused " even when saved in pause mode.
    2. To modify the hour from the default flight (
    Training Scenario Setup) changing only the hour is not enough it's also necessary to modify the date (Select Time and Season) .

    Hope any 64bits mode will not turn upside down the add-ons already active !

    B.T.W. concerning ORBX :

           Windsocks (and smokes) showing the wind direction
           Herbs can cause crashes

    Tanks for the wonderful job LM and OrbX already propose and for the future ...


    About the tutorial for the xml gauges I cannot translate that folder but I'm ready to (try to) answer any question.

    At least some good addresses about xml gauges :
         Nick Pike :  http://www.fs2x.com/ section "Tutorials
         Arne Bartels :  of which numerous posts on Avsim
         Several works by Dai Griffith
         Of course the P3D or Microsoft SDK pages


    Thank you for any advice or comments.