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    Beaver - Some disapointments

    I really like your Beaver and I was waiting the " add-on " with much enthusiasm, especially the Straight Floats but … Despite some attempts to installing, the following problems occured with the new types (STOL and Straight Floats) :

    1. I cannot get the AP working for other modes than HDG, especially Altitude/VS (still ok with the original types) but a sound is audible when clicking.

    2. VOR indicator not working (but signal audio is fine)

    3. After reloading the aircraft (even old types) : the NAV1 frequencies = 108,20 MHz (?!)

    I cannot feel what's the difference at take-off (and other situations) with the STOL ? The differences in the aircraft.cfg seem not to be significant and very various way for the two types Tundra or floats.
    But I let the tests flights to more experienced or patient sim pilots.

    Some details would be appreciated : pilots and pax somewhat bigger and windscreen could be slightly dusty. No pointy prop cover for the original types ?

    But with that said, it is an excellent small aircraft the more in her natural environment (Tongass, …) but using the basic or floats types.

    Waiting the new paintsheet (hope it will be more easy to use), third parties textures seem to be redesigned for the new types but no problem with the original ones.