• Orion, panel 2D

    Des corrections, modifications, additions, adjonctions, … travaux en cours,  malgré la brume, … : - ))

    Orion, panel 2D

    Ça, c'est du "Low Vis" !

    Ajout le 21/1, au programme de l'upgrade :

    New base bitmap with many reworked details
    Annunciator Reorg with all warnings now brighting
     in the dark
    Gauges :
         Home made analog clock without "time zones"
         Reworked altimeter
     from p3.cab
           VSI "night texture" bezel added to PS_L188.cab
          RPM indicators changed, now from PS_L188.cab
          Compass added and reworked = mix from PS_L188.cab et p3.cab
          New warning in the engine panel if T° inlet > 900°C