• On demand :

    I can tell you how to easily improve these gauges,  just send me an e_mail :

    CeraSim Bell 212 (412 ??) :  pack with

         Modified Fuel Quantity gauge (showing up to 100%)
         Modified DME (better readable + tooltip)
         Tooltip added on HSI while turning Heading and Course knobs
         Modified tooltip to see the course while operating the selecting knob

    Carenado C185F

         Modified  Directionnal Gyro (better centered Card and bug,  tooltiptext on knobs)
         Modified VOR1 and VOR2 (Needle with new mask  + larger positionning angle)
         Replacing the AP by a KN62 DME
         Replacing the steam clock by a Davtron M803

    Alabeo Robinson R66

         Modified Radio from NAV1 to NAV2 in aim to coordinate with the VOR2 indicator 

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