• MSE NMv3 - suivi

    MSE m'a répondu, très rapidement, (YAPLUKA attendre - confiant) : 

    "Pierre - thank you for your comments. Please send a screenshot of the comparison you are talking about (ce que j'ai fait de suite).
    Also - we are reimaging all of our titles with the new image system we have created ...
    We will do New Mexico soon and you will get a free update ... (
    Also misaligned airports - yes all non-primary airports are misaligned because Microsoft "guessed" their location. Our product is perfectly accurate so you see misaligned airports and runways for those airports. All primary airports are perfectly aligned. We are going to be realigning those soon but there are 10,000 to do and it has to be done manually by hand. (
    Je comprends)

    Robert Ferraro"

    EDIT 20/3/2019 : MSE m'a fourni gratuitement un upgrade (que je n'ai pas essayé vu mon passage à XP)